June 21, 2010. I finished another digital piece. An 8"x8" piece called "The Flow". I need to get it printed then I can upload it to the site. It took about four evenings to complete.

May 2010. We took a trip to Europe and travelling must really get my drawing bug going. By the time we reached Florence was looking everywhere for some paper. I ended up finding some note card paper at the post office when I was mailing a postcard. I bought a pack of 50 and plan on drawing something different on every one of them.

December, 10, 2008. I worked a digital drawing of my dog Georgia and worked her into a couple of different backgrounds.

July 12, 2006, I have finished four drawings (one is a triptych so I count that as 3) in the past week and and am in the middle of another 19x19 that I'm hoping to finish this week. 2006 has been busy, but I have managed to get some drawings out of my head and onto paper.

February 15, 2005, I finished another drawing in February which is still Untitled. I placed my first auction on Ebay this week. I also received my work back from Art Angles as they are starting another show, so I'm looking for new space to display my work. I have two pieces in progress and about three in my head.

On January 8, 2005, I listed one of my prints for sale on Ebay. All proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Rock Harbor Church's Africa group. The auction was actually cancelled by Ebay because you can't auction things for charity.

December 28, 2004. I felt like a wall in my apartment needed something on it, so I finished a piece called Evolve.

November 23, 2004. Art Angles has four of my pieces hanging in their gallery as of yesterday. They should be there over the holidays. Please stop by and check them out. Check my Gallery section for pictures.

November 18, 2004. A bunch of items this week. I received the prints of Khmer Dance 1-5 back from the printer (Canvas Photo Giclee). I took them over to the framer (Art Angles) and they will be hanging the framed piece in their gallery over the holidays. I'll make sure to get some pictures for this website. I also received the framed versions of Surrounded By Friends back from the framer.

November 4, 2004. I drew another new picture last night. I've been busy with programming and I made the deadline so I should be able to get a couple of pieces out of my head in the next few weeks. This one is called Sea Grass. I also took prints of Surrounded By Friends to the framer yesterday and the Khmer Dance is at the printer (Canvas Photo Giclee) and coming along nicely. I can't wait to get that one framed. Only a few more weeks.

October 13, 2004. I picked up the first prints from the framer today. They look great. I have two of them hanging at Byblos Lebanese resturant on the Orange Plaza. It has great food and a perfect atmosphere. I'm going to get some pictures of these on the wall for the website. Art Angles really did do a standout job and I may be showing some prints in their gallery next month.

October 4, 2004. My first two prints went to the framer this morning. I have two more prints being worked on at the printer (Canvas Photo Giclee) so things are moving along nicely.

September 25, 2004. I received my first set of prints back from the printer (Canvas Photo Giclee) and have started the process for the second and third prints. I also finished another drawing called "Surrounded By Friends". A great week.

September 17, 2004. I saw the second proof of a print of "Mud Pot". The first proof I saw was a bit disappointing, but this one looks like it is going to work. I should have the final prints this week sometime.

September 2, 2004. Last night I finished another drawing called "Full Power, Calling No One, Calling Everyone". Also I finially took pictures of the Khmer Dance pieces and should have them posted today.

August 26, 2004. After taking pictures of most of my recent work and scaning some of my favorites, I created a web site. I liked the way it turned out and so I got the williamwoodart.com url and have been working on this site.

August 24, 2004. I just finished another piece. Actually five pieces which go together. I've been working on them for at least a month now. It's called "Khmer Dance" and was inspired by a Cambodian dance I had the pleasure to see at Grand Performances in Los Angeles. The pictures are hanging on my wall, so I'll have to schedule some time to take them down and photograph or scan them.

June - 2004: I took a six week road trip this summer. Just sort of going where my feet led me. Camping out every night, backpacking and driving from place to place. I took along my pens and did a number of drawings along the way. I had a couple of people ask me to buy my pictures which was surprising to me, but I had sold one other piece in college. That lead to this site.

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