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chair of boxes - notecard drawing
pine trees reaching - notecard drawing


Welcome to the online art gallery of William Wood. I've been doing these drawings since 1986 and until 2004 kept them in an art bag in the closet. I gave some away and others were lost in floods or negelect. In 1987 I sold one piece for the cost of the frame when a roommate's mother saw it in a Chapman University student art show.

Up untill 2008 all of the drawings were done with color markers on paper. In 2008 I started creating some of the drawings digitally with a tablet and printing a single original then deleting the digital version. It's a style that I have spent many years refining and still have many more paths to follow. In 2010 I started drawing with a black pen. I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

- Still my favorite triptych -

parallel lines

- One of my latest and favorite notecard drawings -

somewhere inbetween - notecard drawing


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