I grew up around oil painting having two parents who painted. One of my earliest memories is helping (probably only watching) my mother frame one of her paintings. My mother, Tracy Hartman, still paints and I'm maintaining her website as well. I learned to mix paint and match color early, but found it to be a bit tedious. I have not done it for many years, so maybe I have the patience now, but I seem to have found a different medium that suits me better.

In college I decided to make my own style and train myself in a medium that I felt comfortable with. That was in 1985 and I've been drawing with color pens (and some water color painting) ever since. I entered a few art shows in College and even sold a piece to my roommate's mother who saw it in a show. Other than that, until 2004, I kept all of these pieces in an art bag in the closet. I do them mostly for myself, "to get my insides outside" so I never thought about them for any other purpose. Over the summer in 2004 I did a long backpacking trip and took along my pens. I was also reading a book about Everrett Ruess. While on the road I had a few people ask to buy my drawings and I just said that I don't sell them, but upon returning, and thinking about Everrett (incredible book by the way), I decided it might be something I should try. So I had some prints made of everyone's favorites and created this website.

My profession over the past 15 years has been as a computer programmer. I've created a number of companies and products over the years. My most successful and one I still sell is called Memorize-It Flashcards. I still write software and work in the computer industry. I have always looked at programming as an artistic venture and have used it as a creative medium. I don't like taking regular jobs programming anymore as in the past that has driven the creativity and fun out of the process. Mostly I like technical administrative jobs where I can work on my own ideas and art on the side.

tend to have a good idea of what a picture is going to look like before I even start, but many times the process drives itself and I'm surprised with the final result. I first try to think about color, then line, then composition. At least that's what I tell myself. Usually I'll be doing something mundane when an idea pops into my head and won't leave until I have it on paper. Each (color) drawing typically takes from 6 to 15 hours. I hope you like the drawings as they all have special meaning to me. Please drop me an e-mail and tell me what you think.


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