somewhere inbetween - notecard drawing

"somewhere inbetween" - notecard drawing
105mm × 148mml A6
Original $10buynow button:
Drawn: June 2010- Lucerne Switzerland

I got the bug to draw in 2010 while on vacation in Europe. I bought some notecards at the post office and used a black pen I had with me. A flood of drawings came pouring out. The digital version on this site might not do them justice. I use a digital camera and some of the paper came out greyish so I used some digital effects to get the "paper" whiter which tweaked some of the lines. Just know that the digital representation here is not perfect. All of the drawings are on white card stock paper drawing with black pen which leaves clean black lines. There is no color outside the lines in the drawing. Anything that looks "grey" is an issue of the reproduction on this site.

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